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Hoof Geeks - Hoof Trimming Clinic October 26-28 2019

  • Second Chance Ranch 292 McPhillips Road Saint Andrews, MB, R1A 3E4 Canada
Click to find out more about Hoof Geeks!

Click to find out more about Hoof Geeks!

More and more horses are experiencing hoof problems these days, many of which could be avoided by following a more natural approach to hoof care. Know Hoof, Know Horse has never been more true.

Navicular, Laminitis and Insulin Resistance are on the increase but this clinic will teach you many ways in which you can lower the risks (and lessen vet bills!) for your horse.

This hoof trimming clinic will give you the skills needed to confidently assess, evaluate and trim to achieve natural hoof mechanics and function based on each horse's individual conformation and hoof shape.

You DON'T want to trim your own horse? No problem! Understanding how your horse's feet work, and the things you can do to safeguard their overall well-being and health is our goal. You'll be empowered to evaluate your farrier/trimmer and be a part of the solution for your horse's ongoing soundness.

You DO want to trim your own horses? Then this course is perfect for you!

This is also the right course for you if you have an interest in pursuing a career in barefoot hoof care.

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